About this Website

Research Focus:  Income inequality & socio-spatial polarization trends in major metropolitan areas


This website is the online home for a major research initiative focussed on long term trends relating to the urban impact of growing income inequality and socio-spatial polarization in Canada and in cities in similar nations.  

The Community University Research Alliance Grant, 2005-2010

A Community University Research Alliance grant (2005-2010) from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) helped initiate a detailed study of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. The many research findings and publications resulting from the CURA grant, together with our ongoing related research, are available for viewing and downloading on this website.

The Public Outreach Grant, 2010-2012

Funding for the design and development of this website was provided by a SSHRC Public Outreach Grant in 2010 and continued funding for the website is from the 2012 SSHRC Neighbourhood Change Partnership Grant.

The Neighbourhood Change Partnership Grant, 2012-2019

In 2012 funding for continuation of this research on a national basis with some international comparative research was provided by a 7-year SSHRC Partnership Grant.  The research team for the new Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership is listed on the Research Team page of this website.

Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs, a new publication series launched in 2012, provide succinct and timely commentary on policy issues based on research carried out by members of the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership.

The Toronto Neighbourhood Research Network, since 2006

The Toronto Neighbourhood Research Network, established by the Neighbourhoods CURA team in 2006, meets several times a year.  It is chaired by David Hulchanski, Jim Dunn, and Bob Murdie. To sign up for email notices of future meetings, see the TNRN pages of this website.

The “Three Cities in Toronto” Report and Webpage

The 2010 Three Cities in Toronto report is available as a PDF for downloading and in an interactive online version as part of this website.

Next:  Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver

As research is completed by the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership, launched in early 2012, this website will expand to provide resources, research findings, and policy recommendations relating to Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver — in addition to Toronto.