Inequality, Polarization, Poverty

Explains the differences between income inequality, income polarization, and poverty, and describes how they are measured.

Housing Policies for the 21st Century, May 2017 Symposium

PDFs of the seven presentations from an international symposium on housing policies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Neighbourhood Collective Agency

Connecting the Power of People to the Power of Place: How Community-Based Organizations Influence Neighbourhood Collective Agency, NCRP Research Paper, 2016

Divided Cities in the 21st Century

Conference presentation at UofT RBC Conference on Inclusive Cities, May 2017

Neighbourhood Typologies

Analysis and maps of neighbourhood change trends over a twenty-five year period for 8 metropolitan areas & for 2006

Rental Housing Forum Update

Two presentations from the May 2015 University of Toronto forum

Neighbourhood Research Tags

Montréal, 1970-2005

This report documents the changing overall spatial patterning of wealthy, poor, and middle-income neighbourhoods in the Montréal metropolitan area.

Halifax, 1970 to 2010

This report provides an analysis of the income inequality and income polarization trends within the Halifax region over the period 1970 to 2010.

Vancouver, 1970-2005

Trends in the gap between rich and poor in the Vancouver area and how they play out spatially by municipality and neighbourhood.

Three Cities Report Web-version

Check out the online digital version of The Three Cities Within Toronto: Income Polarization Among Toronto’s Neighbourhoods, 1970-2005.

Toronto’s Aging Highrise Buildings

This report explores the continuum of inadequate housing, risk of homelessness, and visible homelessness among families in Toronto’s Inner suburb highrises.

Polarization in Canada’s Cities

Canadian cities are becoming less equal, and more polarized, at a host of different spatial scales. This report examines changes and trends, 1970 to 2005.

Divercities: EU Research on Hyper-diversified Cities, including Toronto

How can European cities benefit from diversity? How is Toronto doing and what are the lessons for other cities?

Winnipeg’s Rooming Houses

This report documents changes over the past 12 years in Winnipeg’s rooming houses in two neighbourhoods.

TVO’s The Agenda 3-Cities Interview

Watch the TVO interview with David Hulchanski discussing his research team’s extensive research on ‘Toronto’s Three Cities’…

Eight Canadian Metropolitan Areas: Who Lived Where in 2006?

A typology of neighbourhoods based on 30 variables from the 2006 census related to economic, family, immigrant and housing status.

Toronto’s Inner Suburbs: Investing in Social Infrastructure in Scarborough

A report on social infrastructure with a focus on Scarborough. Action must take place within and beyond the neighbourhood scale.

NHS Data Quality

An extended version of a presentation about the NHS made at the September 2014 forum Enforced Ignorance.