NCRP 2016 Research Symposium Presentations

NCRP Research Symposium #3

University of Toronto, 19-20 May 2016 

Incomes, Housing, Displacement

  1. Who lives in downtown Halifax? Jill Grant   Full Paper   Halifax Neighbourhood Change website
  2. Mapping Metro Vancouver’s Debtscape: Findings and Recommendations, Scott Graham

Inequality, Polarization and the Labour Market

  1. Income inequality and polarization in the City of Toronto and York Region, presentation by Alan Walks, Mihaela Dinca-Panaitescu, Dylan Simone     Full Report
  2. The Pecarity Penalty: The impact on households and communities and what to do about it, presentation, Michelynn Lafleche   Full Report    Report Summary   
  3. Next steps: NCRP-PEPSO Labour Market Research, Wayne Lewchuk 
  4. Working to end housing poverty & homelessness in Halifax, Kasia Tota

Neighbourhood Change

  1. How Haligonians talk about and perceive neighbourhood change, Howard Ramos
  2. The role of community-based organizations in neighbourhood collective agency, Jessica Carriere, Emily Paradis

Second Suites and Rooming Houses

  1. Secondary suites in Calgary: Politics and policies, Kylee van der Poorten
  2. Identifying secondary suites in Hamilton, Kathleen Kinsella
  3. Are we losing rooming houses in Halifax? Uytae Lee

Rental Stock and Condos

  1. A Vancouver regional perspective on affordability, displacement and social justice, Penny Gurstein, Karla Kloepper
  2. The impact of condos on Hamilton since the 1970s, Geoff Rose

EU Divercities Research on the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood

  1. Does diversity matter? The EU DIVERCITIES research project & case study of Toronto’s Jane-Finch neighbourhood, Tuna Tasan-Kok, Sara Özogul  DIVERCITIES website  DIVERCITIES research reports about Toronto