These are videos and audio recordings relating to the Neighbourhood Change research initiative.

Vancouver CMA logo for report 2017-Update

Vancouver CMA Income-3-CTgroups and Pop 1970-2015 bar chart


Vancouver CMA income map 2015

Investing In Scarborough? Social Infrastructure? CBC Toronto, Metro Morning

Matt Galloway spoke with Deborah Cowen about her new report and the forum at which it would be launched. The report, “Toronto’s inner suburbs: Investing in social infrastructure in Scarborough,” by Deborah Cowen and Vanessa Parlette, was launched June 16, 2011, at Scarborough Civic Centre Council Chambers.  Toronto is a divided city. Social polarization and spatial segregation are clearly visible in the landscape, and our inner suburbs are home to more and more concentrated and racialized poverty. Investment in these suburbs is a key part of the solution, and yet its future is in question. How can we enhance investment in Scarborough when budgets everywhere are being cut? How do we unite across different issues and diverse communities? This forum provides an opportunity for community members to come together to learn from research about the big picture of urban change, and to take action for the future of Scarborough’s communities.  The forum was hosted by the Scarborough Civic Action Network, Social Planning Toronto, and Cities Centre, University of Toronto.

Disappearing Middle Class, CBC The Current, national radio panel discussion

CBC radio’s The Current hosted a panel discussion on the findings of the Three Cities research. “For the purposes of the study, David Hulchanski has defined the middle class in economic terms. But for a lot of people, the idea of middle class extends much more broadly than that. For their thoughts on what it means to be middle class and what role the idea of middle class plays in our society, we were joined by three people. Frank Cunningham is a professor emeritus of philosophy and political science at the University of Toronto’s Cities Centre; Linda Gerber is a Sociology professor at the University of Guelph. And John Ralston Saul is … well, John Ralston Everything. Philosopher, essayist, activist and novelist. He is also the president of International PEN, co-chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and author whose latest book is a biography of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin.

TVO Interview on Toronto’s Three Cities

Watch the TVO interview with David Hulchanski discussing his research team’s extensive research on Toronto’s Three Cities.

Three Cities, video 3, Possible Solutions

A five minute review of how to begin to reverse the long term trends creating an increasingly divided city.

Three Cities, video 2, The Forces Dividing the City

A five minute explanation of the forces dividing the city, resulting in significant socio-spatial polarization in Toronto.

Three Cities, video 1, The Trends

A five minute explanation of the trends in socio-economic polarization in Toronto.