NHS Data Quality

The income data in the National Household Survey is not valid.  A voluntary survey cannot replace the census.

  • Census standard for non-response rates: do not publish data if the global non-response rate is over 25%
  • In the National Household Survey the global non-response rate for Canada was 26.1%.
  • If Census standards had been applied, on average, NHS data would not have been published.

The NHS should not be used or cited.
It should be withdrawn.
The 2016 census should be restored to the non-politicized, non-partisan scientific methodology that existed prior to the flawed 2011 NHS.

Worthless: The 2011 National Household Survey

  • This is an extended version of a presentation made at the September 2014 forum Enforced Ignorance, hosted by Scientists for the Right to Know.

NHS Global Non-Response Rate by Census Tract, 8 CMA MAPS

  • This is a set of maps of eight Canadian census metropolitan areas showing the 2011 NHS global non-response rate for each census tract.

Op-ed on the NHS with analytic tables attached

  • “Canada’s voluntary census is worthless. Here’s why,” by David Hulchanski, Robert Murdie, Alan Walks and Larry Bourne, The Globe and Mail, 4 October 2013.


David Hulchanski, PhD

Professor, University of Toronto
Principal Investigator, Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership